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Rose Care




As advocates of sustainable and environmentally responsible crop production in addition to fair labour and safety practices all our roses are Premium Quality  Veriflora Roses .



Facts you should know about roses:



Roses love love LOVE WATER. They hydrate (intake of water) through their bark, stem, thorns and petals. The quicker the rose is immersed in water the better. The more in contact with water the entire rose is the longer it will last, so watch that water level. Research has shown that a molecule of water can move from the base of a 24-inch cut rose to the petals in 30-seconds or less.


What to do when receiving or purchasing roses?


Make sure your roses are never left in an area where they may freeze or overheat. DO NOT place your roses (or any flowers) in the trunk of your car and or leave in an unheated vehicle in the winter or hot vehicle in the summer. The damage once done is irreversible. However do make sure your roses are not in direct contact with the heating vent of your vehicle or in your home the heat and dry air will damage your flowers. Keep them away from drafts, vents and direct contact of lighting. Flowers are delicate and require special care and consideration in order to have an extended vase life.  


What are the steps to care of roses?


Step 1. Upon receipt, open the box/wrapping and give your roses attention. It is advisable for the health of your flowers to attend to your flowers immediately, however if you cannot attend to your roses upon receipt, open the protective wrapping and place it in a cool dark place until you can take a few moments to properly care for your gift of roses. Make sure your roses are never left in an area where they may freeze/ overheat.


Step 2. Remove any leaves that might be under water when you place the roses in your container. Be careful not to cut through, nor scrape, the green bark on the outside of the stem. Air can enter the water conducting passages through the injuries and restrict water uptake. It is best to use scissors to cut off leaves rather than pulling off the leaves which can cause damage. 


Step 3. Mix floral preservative in lukewarm water (about 100F or 37.80C). Place the solution in your vase. If you have some extra preservative solution, save it in a specially marked container to add to your roses later. Your vase height should be a minimum two thirds the height of the flower length filled with water. This will allow the stems to absorb water correctly and provide support. Large flower heads such as roses need a supportive vase to keep the flowers standing tall and straight allowing the roses to act as support systems for themselves. If a vase is too short or has an opening  that is too wide the roses will not stand tall to offer each other and their heads support. Make sure to choose the correct vase for your flowers or cut your flowers down to work for the height of your vase. One note on vases. Vases need to be thoroughly clean. Ring marks left on vases from improper cleaning are a prime area for bacteria to grow affecting you flower's vase life.


Step 4. With a sharp knife or shears, cut about an inch off the end of each stem on an angle. IMPORTANT: HOLD THE END OF THE STEM UNDER WATER IN A CONTAINER, WHILE YOU MAKE THE CUT!!! This will avoid the stem-end drawing in air rather than water. If the stem draws in air the flower will suffer. The longer the stem of the rose the more vigilant you need to be with recutting each day allowing water to reach the head of the roses and avoid bacteria and air bubbles. The end of the flower stem will dry out and die before the rest of the flower. Once dead it will not transport water up the stem to the flower head. Giving your flowers a healthy cut on a daily bases allows water to flow through the stem again. Cutting your stem on an angle provides a greater surface for intake of water.


Step 5. As soon as the cut is made, place the rose in a clean, deep vase filled with warm preservative solution. If possible, then place the roses and container in a cool, dark room, for 2 to 4 hours, this will allow the roses to rehydrate properly.


Step 6.  Remember to repeat the process of cleaning your vase/changing water and recutting every day to prolong the life of your roses.

Step 7. Display fresh cut rose arrangement in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts and away from heat. Heat will shorten your flowers' vase life Draft/ air will dry the delicate petals. Even though flowers, especially roses, need lots of sunlight to grow, once the stems are cut sunlight will encourage the blooms to open quickly shortening  the time you can enjoy your bouquet.


Step 8.  Premature wilting - Although all measures above have been taken to protect your flowers and help them intake water it can be disheartening when a rose succumbs to bent neck. "Bent neck" happens when the stem droops or bends just below the flower head. The cause is most likely a vascular occlusion or an air embolism (an air bubble in the stem) that prohibited water uptake in other words air is trapped in the stem and the preservative solution cannot flow properly up the stem. The other issue may be a cut or scrape in the bark of the stem or water that has bacteria.  There is a trick for rose resuscitation, run a couple inches of warm water, about 100 degrees Fahrenheit in your sink if wide enough or tub. Lay the rose horizontally in the water, recutting the stem under the water or if there is a scrape or cut in the stem bark above the injured area.  Be sure to keep the stem and head straight and ensure the cut stem end is fully immersed under water.  Leave the rose in its bath for a couple hours as the water cools. A rose will usually revive within a few hours and can be placed within the arrangement and continue to thrive for more days of enjoyment.


Don't forget to have fun rearranging your flowers into different vases as you recut them daily and their length changes.


To preserve roses, simply hang them upside down in a dark, dry area and let it dry naturally.

Roses are a special gift. They should be given the proper care and attention they need to brighten your day. Keep caring for them as the days pass so that the memory behind receiving the flowers may continue to brighten your day.








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