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Join our Gift Register

You’ve made a pact with yourself. This year, you’re going to be prepared for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. What better way to stay on top of everything than by signing up for the Gift Reminder Service? This complementary service will help to remind you of all those special events & occasions. Whether you are planning to attend a friend’s 35th birthday, it is the anniversary of your first date, you are attending a dinner party with friends we will  make sure you are covered and that special day does not go by forgotten.

How to use this service:

Have you ever forgotten an important event - your spouses’ birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and a Client’s special day?  Any day that you would have liked to have flowers or a gift basket sent to a loved one?  NEVER MISS ANOTHER DAY.  All you have to do is contact us through   and send the subject “Reminder Service”.  We will contact you to gather delivery information on your recipient’s pertinent dates and floral preferences.  Then you’re covered!

A reminder will be sent to you by email before your event date. A recurring event? No problem – we’ll remind you again next year, and the year after that and the year after that, and so on! Our service doesn’t end there. A selection of fabulous gift options will be carefully selected and will be emailed to you. Simply select your gift preference and we will take care of the rest.

Would you like to enclose your own personal stationary with your gift?  We would be happy to keep a selection of your stationary on hand so that your gifts may have that added touch of warmth.  Please contact us to arrange for pick up of your personalized stationary or feel free to drop off package at our studio Your stationary will be sent with your gift for that added personalized touch.  

Also use our GIFT REMINDER SERVICE when you are: Flower Delivery Toronto

Hosting a dinner party, a shower, an event? You might want to give each of your guests a little parting gift, that can be placed at your dinner table or handed out at the end of the evening. Working with a special colour theme? Let us work with you.  We can help! Let us also assist you in decorating your table.

Client’s appreciation gifts? Let us know who is important to you and when you would like to extend your appreciation to your client and we will remind you and discuss gift options. Never let an important client go unrecognized.

An important day? Let us know the dates and preferences of those important birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and we will remind you and arrange for the perfect gift.

Invited to spend a week at a friend’s cottage at the lake? Show your gratitude, simply tell us the date of your friend's return and we will send your friend a gift of appreciation on your behalf.

Houseguest? Welcome your guest in style. Enter your guest’s arrival date and we will send you a reminder that they are coming and some suggestions for welcoming them to your home.




Have it all organized and confirmed ahead of time with no worries, allowing that special person in your life to know how important they are!

Flower Delivery Toronto

Consider gifting flowers, chocolates or living arrangements to a loved one for a year. Below are some of the package options offered by The Chocolate Tulip for delivery in Toronto and surrounding areas.


$400 Package -

Three arrangement to be delivered once a month successively or as requested


$800 Package-

Each of six arrangements in package will be delivered successively or on alternative months.

$1,600 Package-
Each arrangement in the package will arrive each month for 12 months.

$2000 Package-
Each arrangement in the package will arrive each month for 12 months.

$2,800 Package-
Each arrangement in the package will arrive each month for 12 months.

$6600.00 Package-
Each arrangement in the package will arrive each week for 52 weeks.

Custom Packages-
For the most discerning clients, it is our pleasure to custom design a gift package that would best suit their needs.

*All package prices include tax and delivery within GTA. Prices are subject to change outside the GTA for delivery. Please call us to place an order for any of our Gift Packages.


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 As an eco-focused and socially responsible studio, we offer unique artistic floral designs, living botanical arrangements and a wonderful selection of premier chocolates for delivery or pickup.              1251 YONGE ST.  TORONTO  ONTARIO  M4T 1W6                                     TEL  416 921-5559

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