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Flower allergies



Flower allergies

When sending flowers one of the things to be concerned about are allergies. If someone suffers from allergies it does not preclude them from enjoying the beauty of flowers but there are some choices that are better options than others.

For those that suffer from allergies the best options are:

Hydrangeas- with the exception of pee-gee hydrangea these beautiful blooms can be enjoyed by most allergy sufferers.

Roses – Roses are also pollen free if however the recipient’s allergies are not pollen directed but instead scent choose standard roses rather than garden style roses. Most rose varieties grown today that are standard no longer have the strong perfume scent of roses of old.

Orchids – again like roses these flowers have varieties that are scent free and do not have excessive amounts of pollen.

Carnations – these flowers are pollen free which is the cause of problems for many with allergies


Flowers to avoid for those with allergies:

Oriental lilies- these flowers have both a strong scent and pollen- although the stamen can be removed in these flowers the scent will still be there.

Dusty Miller – although thought of as a cut green this particular plant has dusts of pollen which can affect those whose allergy is pollen

Sunflowers – are laden with pollens and due to their very large center should be kept far away from those allergen sufferers.

Other flowers include daisies, goldenrod, gypsophila, jasmine, stephanotis, peonies and hyacinth

 Keep in mind for the enjoyment of your guests, when planning and event or wedding it is best to avoid flowers with strong scent or excessive pollen.



flower allergies






























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